YCARS Annual Picnic – 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to postpone our annual club picnic. We historically host the picnic during Field Day, but due to the limits currently in place for social gatherings, we have decided to hold the picnic in September.

This year’s picnic will combine food with ham radio fun. We will have a fox hunt, a Parks on the Air activation, and of course, food!

Please join YCARS on Saturday, September 12, at Shelter 2 at Kings Mountain State Park.

The fox hunt will kick off at 11am. Food will start being consumed around noon. After filling up our stomachs, we will get on the air and make some POTA contacts!

Field Day – 2020

YCARS will be participating in Field Day this year, but we need to take some precautions to ensure we do not endanger anyone with the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting our area.

This year, you will have the ability to operate Field Day from home and have your contacts benefit the club. You will still get individual credit for your contacts. You will operate as a solo operator with the appriopriate designator (such as 1H). You will use your own personal callsign from home. But, when you submit your log, you will have the ability to associate your contacts towards a club. The club identifier you must specify is “York County SC Amateur Radio Society”. Please use that EXACT designator. There are at least two other YCARS clubs in the county, so we will be identified with SC in the name for the purposes of log submittal.

Please visit http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Field-Day/2020/2020%20Field%20Day%20Packet%20Rev%20a.pdf if you are unsure of how to operate Field Day, log, and submit your log after the event.

We will be operating from Westminster Park in Rock Hill again this year as a club. However, it is imperative that we follow state guidelines during the pandemic. We will be operating 2A. We will use W3SPC’s travel trailer as one operating station and Fort Mill EMS’ trailer for a second station. Radios and antennas will be provided. Please do not bring your own equipment if you operate from the park.

There will be a maximum of two people at an operating station at a time. If more than one person is in a trailer, we ask that masks be worn. All equipment that is physically touched will be disinfected between operators.

If you come to the park to socialize, please bring your own chair and maintain social distancing between club members.

We have online signups for the stations. Please signup and register for the timeslot(s) you want to operate and the appropriate station. One station will be on SSB and the other will be used for CW and digital contacts.

Please visit the following link to signup for operation at Westminster Park.

Yes, Field Day will be quite a bit different this year due to the ongoing pandemic. We certainly appreciate everyone cooperation during this time.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Steve, W3SPC, at W3SPC@ycars.org.


VE Test Session in December

Ready to get your Amateur Radio license or upgrade your existing license to a higher class? Join us on Saturday, December 21, at the YCARS clubhouse for our next Volunteer Examiner session!

Cost is $15. (Cash Only)

Bring photocopy of government issued picture ID, Pencil/Pen. For upgrades, bring copy of existing license.  Basic Calculators are allowed but not programmable ones.

Winter Field Day 2020!

YCARS will be participating in Winter Field Day again this year.
WHEN: January 25-26
WHERE: Westminster Park, 4000 India Hook Rd, Rock Hill, SC

We will be helping Scouts get on the air during the event and running a Radio Merit Badge class. Come out, show your support, make some contacts! Enclosed operating positions, radios, antennas, and WiFi will be provided. Let’s get out and make as many contacts as possible under emergency conditions!

For more information on Winter Field Day, visit http://www.winterfieldday.com

Shack Training!

Have you found yourself walking into the YCARS shack and feeling a little overwhelmed? Do you have questions such as:

  • How do I log into the computers and use them?
  • How do I use digital modes from the shack?
  • How do I connect the right antenna to the right radio?
  • How do I use these latest technology rigs?
  • How do I use the amp?
  • What about logging?
  • Should I use K4YTZ or my personal callsign?
  • What do I need to be concerned with to ensure I don’t damage any equipment?

The shack is there for YCARS members to use. Get on the air. Make contacts. Leverage the beams. Get on bands you don’t have antennas for at home.

Join us on Thursday, November 14, at 6:30pm for a shack training session! This is an hour prior to the November monthly business meeting. The goal is to ensure that YOU feel comfortable walking into the shack, sitting down at a station, and have the ability to operate comfortably and safely. The shack is a fantastic asset that is the best club shack in the area! We want you to feel comfortable using it!

Field Day!

YCARS will be participating in Field Day again this year.

When: June 22 – June 23, 2019

Where: Westminster Park, 4000 India Hook Rd, Rock Hill, SC

YCARS will be operating 4A, with 2 voice, 1 digital, and 1 CW station. We will also be hosting a Get On The Air (GOTA) station.

If you don’t want to operate, we need people to log, setup/tear-down equipment, put up antennas, etc.

The Field Day Picnic will be Saturday June 22, 2019 at 6:00 PM. The club will provide the Meat and Drinks. We are asking you to bring your favorite Potluck dish and desert. Click on the link below to sign up. In the comments, state specifically what you are bringing. You can sign up for multiple items such as side dish and desert. If we get too many of one item, we will let you know if we need to make an adjustment.

We are looking forward to having a great picnic and fun 24 hours of operating. Be sure to click on the link to let us know if you are coming and what you are bringing.

Picnic Sign-Up Here

May Fun Night!

Join us on Thursday, May 2, at the YCARS clubhouse for our monthly hobby/fun night. Socialize. Chat ham radio. Meet other club members. Get on the air. Work a new mode. Get your HT programmed. There’s no set agenda other than hams having fun and hanging out!

Folks will start to arrive around 6pm and we typically hang out until around 8:30.