March Presentation Meeting – Skywarn

The March presentation meeting will be held on Thursday, March 26, at 7:30pm. It will be presented live from the YCARS clubhouse. However, to practice social distancing, we ask that no members come to the clubhouse in person.

The presentation will be streamed live on the York County Amateur Radio Society YouTube channel. Chat will be monitored for questions. We will also have a net running during the presentation on the KD4EOD repeater. Attendees can radio in questions through the net.

Please join Daniel Boyer online and learn about Skywarn! Again, please do not attend in person unless specifically asked to do so to assist with video production.

YCARS Call to Action Against COVID-19 using Folding@home

All YCARS members are encouraged to put their idle computers to work by helping researchers develop an understanding of and potential cures for COVID-19.

If you are interested in using your idle computer capacity and join thousands of others, and I hope you are, please follow the directions in the link below:

In the News: 

Folding@Home Needs Your CPU Cycles To Help Researchers Battle Deadly Coronavirus

You can also watch this video to better understand how it works:

COVID-19 Progression

Fellow members and York County Ham Radio Operators,As the situation continues to evolve with the current outbreak of Covid-19 here in the US and in particular our immediate surrounding counties, the club leadership is trying to be proactive in our response and support of membership.

The first concern we have is for our membership and their immediate families.

We will be moving all York County Amateur Radio Society nets to the KD4EOD, 147.225+, PL 110.9 repeater until the SC state of emergency is lifted. We will also be resuming 11am daily nets, again on the KD4EOD repeater. The purpose of the 11am net is predominately health and welfare. Let us know you’re OK. If you need anything, let the net know. YCARS will be doing everything possible to ensure that our ham family has what they need to get through this time of need. Especially our older members who are in the higher risk categories for COVID-19, please do not hesitate to ask for help.

SC QSO Party – February 29!

Join YCARS for the SC QSO party on February 29, at the YCARS clubhouse, from 10am – 9pm EST.

We will have two stations on the air. We will be operating 160 – 10m from the YCARS clubhouse and hope to make loads of contacts across the state and across the country!

This is a fun contest. YCARS’ participation this year will be focused more on fun than on winning. We encourage all members who would like experience and practice operating under contest conditions to come out and get on the air!

VE Testing this Saturday!

Calling all test takers! Now’s the time to get your amateur radio license or upgrade to a higher class!

WHEN: Saturday, February 15, 2020 – 9:30am
WHERE: YCARS Clubhouse, 2051 Squire Road, Rock Hill, SC

$15 cash. Bring government issued ID as well as an official copy of your existing license if upgrading.

Good luck to all!