YCARS will be hosting a VE Testing session at the YCARS clubhouse in December. WHEN: December […]
If you’d like to renew your membership for 2021, dues, based on 50% of our operational […]
The November business meeting will return to the YCARS clubhouse. The meeting is Thursday, November 12, […]
Please join us on Friday Oct. 30, 2020 7:30pm ET for a very special presentation by […]
Saturday, 09/26 from 1000-1400, SCEMD is hosting the AUXCOMM/ARES quarterly training. it will be virtual and […]
The August business meeting, which will be held on Thursday, August 13, will be virtual only. […]
VE Testing Saturday, August 15th 2020. We are having a testing session on Saturday, August 15, […]
A number of the officers of YCARS met over Field Day and discussed resuming in-person meetings […]
YCARS will be participating in Field Day this year, but we need to take some precautions […]