YCARS was invited by Quin, K8QS and Tom, WA9TDD to participate in a video series on how to grow the Ham Radio hobby on their YouTube Channel, “Ham Radio Perspectives” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3MJT8o8-XMxF8XROf7Q5GA.

This series will focus on growing the hobby through a positive, grateful and passionate attitude towards Ham Radio and Ham Radio operators. As well as Hobby growth by making local clubs, places that are welcoming, educational, active and serve their communities.

The link to the second part of the series (YCARS first involvement) can be found here https://youtu.be/mzoG7RJ0cqI.  It is an honor to be involved with this project. It directly reflects the success our club has had in growing and promoting the hobby. YCARS is very proud of our members for their efforts to make this club what it is… A successful, growing club, with an active and passionate membership promoting Ham Radio.

Please reward Quin and Tom for all their efforts in the betterment of our hobby by subscribing to and sharing the channel and this video and the upcoming series.  

More new to follow soon.



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