YCARS Members, check your e-mail boxes as the February edition of the new YCARS Transmitter newsletter will be out mid to late next week…

In this HUGE seventeen page edition, we will explore the Ham Coal that Santa left in our stockings in 2020 for 2021, as well as, some upbeat news will be presented in From the NJ4Z’s Hamshack.  Since we mentioned 2020, one lesson we should have all learned is PREPAREDNESS is essential.  TP hoarders, grocery shortages, cleaning supply shortages, lockdowns, etc., we all need to be prepared now, more than ever before.  This month we are adding a new column, “The Prepared Ham” by a very sharp member.  Lt Col. Jack Wiles (Ret), N3NSA is going to offer us as Hams and Rugged Individualists advice on preparedness.  If there were two things that go together better than Ham Radio and preparedness it has to be either peanut butter and jelly, or peanut butter and chocolate.

On the Workbench this month, Andy Kunick, AE8J presents a fun build project, to help sharpen many skills and expand our knowledge of CW, soldering and electronics.  Speaking of expanding knowledge, helping our new licensees and less experienced hams, our “Getting on the Air” column is about Elmers and finding one.   And speaking of Elmers, our “Ask an Elmer” question comes from K4DQP about wire antennas.

Joe Avampato, W8DKR, serves up a piece of Pi, as in pi networks in Octogenarian Observations, while the Wild Yella Chicken, Jeff Blythe, KA4WYC serves up some gems from the trash… you will see what I mean in this month’s Wild Yella’s Chicken Coup. 

The edition also has upcoming club events for February, as well as, the contest calendar, our Boneyard, club updates and news, and York County ARES Updates. ENJOY!!!



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