We will be having a business meeting this coming Thursday, April 9, at 7:30pm.  The meeting will be 100% online, and will not be on our public YouTube channel as last month’s was.  You will be receiving an invitation email to the meeting.  It will be hosted on Microsoft Teams.  There will be a link in the email to join the meeting.  Upon clicking the link, you will be asked if you would like to download the Teams client application to connect (it’s free, and is the full-featured experience) or if you would like to join the meeting through your web browser.  Either will work fine.

Once connected to the meeting, Teams will default to your default camera, microphone, and speakers of your computer.  If you want to change your audio device, you can do so from within the meeting settings.

We will be on the K4YTZ repeater beginning at 6:45.  If anyone has any issues connecting to the meeting or configuring your audio devices once connected, please call W3SPC on the K4YTZ repeater and he will be available to help walk you through getting connected to the meeting.



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